Monday, 27 August 2018

Busy Week

Busy Week. This was the subject line for Jill's letter this week. Seems everyone is having a busy week. I went back to school on Aug 21 and this week we had kids at school. Wowee!! It was busy and exhausting. My principal says going back to school is kind of like building up a scab. Eventually, it doesn't hurt so much because it becomes hardened....but at first. Ouch!

Here are some excerpts from Jill's emails this week:

She sent a package with a friend who came home from his mission this week. In it there was a flower necklace for me! She said:

  • It's special because in the temple here, each room has a theme of a flower in the stained glass and the wall decorations. In the creation room, the theme is that flower. When you wear it you can think of the temple in Paris! 
She talked about how the sisters all really have a good time together at the visitor's center:
  • Sœur Woods (the directors wife) always talks about how because we have this healthy and happy mix of soeurs, we have the power to see the miracles that we want from Heavenly Father. 

We have a thing in our house where we like to try new ice cream places. There are some seriously creative and wonderful ice cream shops in Calgary. Allen told Jill about the latest one we went to. She is loving the food in France::
  • I saw that ice cream place on ig!! I'm so jealous you guys went. When I get back!!! We found super good baguette at a store right beside our new apartment! Did I tell you yet that sœur Marteeny and I try a different cheese every week? It's our favorite meal. Just cheese and baguette. This time we had tomme blanc and it's a new favorite!
It's always interesting how the Lord can micro-manage things and put the right people in the right place:

  • That's fun that you went to stake conference with everyone! We were talking about this because a new transfer just started. It's weird to think that one day we won't be seeing the people that we're used to seeing everyday, like this one girl in our ward who was less active and then when I got here she suddenly resurfaced! Her name is Chloé. We're super Bo fed best friends because when I asked her what she wants to do after school, she said she wants to move to Vancouver to be an air Canada flight Attendant! Can you believe that? The last missionaries she didn't even let in, and now we're best friends. It's totally divine design. I can't imagine one day when I'm not in her ward! I'm happy I've stayed in the same secteur my whole mission. 
She does a lot of family history research and reading and just work in general. This note-taking habit is something that is deep in our family. I take notes about everything. So does Allen and Peirce. I remember going to the Science Center one day when Jill and Peirce were little. We were about to start a movie in the dome and suddenly Peirce had a panic because he didn't have a notebook. He knew there was going to be lots of good info coming up in the movie and he HAD to have a notebook. Innate or learned? Hard to say. Anyway, apparently, some of it inherited:

  • Also I was looking on family search this week and I read a memory about your Grandma Day and it was so funny! It talked about how she wrote notes at EVERYTHING I wonder if you're such a noté taker because of her.

    Bisous, Soeur Ackroyd
And of course, some pictures:

More from war museum::

Napolean's Tomb
 Carrot Festival?
 I looked this up. I learned that the French tend to have a propensity to celebrate anything to do with food. They claim to have the best carrots and so it makes sense to have a Carrot Festival!

Jill has an obsession with dogs. I guess that's why we got this one? When she was working as a flight attendant we got more snaps of dogs than anything else. I told her she should start a blog, Dogs of the World. It continues.
Bird Whisperer!
Peirce and I recently went to the play, Mary Poppins. 
I can't help but sing: Feed the birds. Tuppence a bag!

Fraaanch Fries in France!

They have a special missionary Sunday coming up.

Silly Sisters

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