Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Always Prepared

Today in seminary we talked about how Heavenly Father puts people into our lives to help us when we have tough things to do (and even when we don't). We were reading section 34 where Orson Pratt joined the church and was called to be a missionary. He had left (been sent away?) from home when he was 11 and started working, so clearly, he had limited reading and writing skills, yet he served faithfully, crossing the ocean 16 times for various mission assignments. Doctrine and Covenants 35:24–25 says that if we keep the commandments, God will help us accomplish our work.
We did an object lesson where one person was blind-folded and had to make a play-dough creation I gave them. One person used their hands, the other used their voice. Others from the class chimed in to help them know what to do - and that's how life is - we often need others to chime in and help us out. Some of us are limited in our skills and abilities, but together, we can do hard things.

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