Saturday, 17 November 2018

Putting Stories Together

The internet sure brings missionaries closer to home. I love that I can read more about the stories Jill tells us in her letters.  She wrote about meeting Sharon Eubank - a RS leader I really admire. I recently have been watching and re-watching a TED talk of hers while I'm on the treadmill:

Another visitor's center missionary wrote this:

This week, on Thursday, we met Sister Sharon Eubank...It was awesome! She is the head of LDS charities, and she is the first counselor for the Relief Society in our church. She just came to the Visitor's Centre because she heard we taught about the temple in a new different way with our model wheels. We found out a few weeks ago that we are part of a pilot programme using new vocabulary and missionary training to teach about the temple, what we do inside of it, and why this is so important for our lives.

 She came right after our Thursday morning meeting and she only had a few minutes so we sang as sisters in Zione, we shook her hand, and then we all took a picture in front of the Christus statue in the garden. She does everything that I want to do Sunday, so I asked her what her major in college was. She said it was English and she was in English as a Second Language teacher before she got her job with LDS charities! We had to leave right after that but it was the coolest thing that has happened so far outside of missionary lessons. It really was an answer to really random prayers.

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