Sunday, 4 November 2018

Missionary Mom Connections

The internet makes it easy for missionary moms to connect. Jill's companion's mom is great at updates and I appreciate her for it. I borrowed these pictures and updates from her blog:

Raspberry pie from amis (French for investigators). 

Amis is such a nice word for the people missionaries work with! I definitely prefer it.

Soeur Ackroyd and Soeur Ethington with Elaine S. Dalton, Soeur Woods, and the 
architect of the Paris Temple (Ian Wood)

Soeur Ackroyd and Ethington with the Antony Ward Relief Society sisters.

Miracle of the week: Janet
by Soeur Ethington
A few days ago, a woman walked into the Visitors' Center. She introduced herself as Janet and immediately asked, "how do I join your church?" The sisters who were on shift (not us, unfortunately) started teaching her about our message. Janet said she wanted to meet with the missionaries, which is awesome because she happens to live in the Antony sector! Soeur Ackroyd and I met her yesterday when she came to church, and we love her already. 
After a rocky sacrament meeting where the talks were about deep doctrinal topics and our hymns were "The Millenium" and "O My Father," we taught her about the Restoration. At the end of the lesson, we invited her to be baptized, to which she responded that she was already baptized into the Catholic church. For those of you who have served missions, you know that this is a pretty tricky topic to navigate, so I was suddenly very nervous. I said a silent prayer to God to guide me, and I carefully explained to her why she would have to be baptized a second time. It took a few minutes, but she finally understood. I was praying that she wouldn't be angry or confused, and my prayer was answered when she exclaimed, "oh, what a blessing! I get to be  baptized TWICE!" Anyway, Janet is precious and we set a baptismal date with her for the 24th of November.

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