Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Christmas Eve

Today was full of last minute preparations during the day. In the evening, after Peirce was finished work at Safeway, we had Chinese Food and played games. After, we had planned to go to the nativity pageant, but it seemed like staying in would be a better idea. We watched a movie. It was the Christmas class, Die Hard! LOL Some of us stayed up VERY late. Some of us went to bed at a more reasonable time (Peirce and I). They rest have much better late night stamina, I guess.

 You can't see it too well, but Jill went over to the Sawa Sawa's 
tonight and they gave her an African skirt. So beautiful!
 Chico was barely in the game.
 Phase 10 was a hit.
Even Allen played!

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