Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Smuggle Life (Muggle....but a swimmer mom)

Today could have been my last time volunteering at a swim meet. Peirce swam in the high school meet. I was the chief finish judge....a fancy name for the person who checks to make sure all the times seem legit (i.e. timers remembered to hit the plunger) as they come across the computer.

I had zero experience with swimming when our kids started out. I've been a treasurer, a secretary, a timer, a stroke and turn judge, a bottle collector, driver, cheerleader, electronics helper, learned how to get the names up on the scoreboard and a bunch of other things....but most importantly, made a bunch of good friends. It was fun to run into some of my old friends today. We even had a group hug!

Today, as I was thinking maybe this was my last time doing this, I volunteered with two ladies I didn't know. One was a grandma who did all this when her daughter swam and now is doing it again while her grand-kids swim. The other lady hasn't had age-group aged kids for a number of years, but still volunteers because she seems to really love it (that's my assumption....she did say that she's a valued volunteer...which felt awkward so I just moved on in the conversation). So, maybe it won't be the last time. I kind of doubt that I'll go back and volunteer just for the  good of volunteering though.

Truth is, one day I'd like to join a masters club. I have this secret goal to be a triathalon-er one day. Maybe I won't leave the swimming world forever.

This was my view today. I had front row seating to the pool and had to watch every race carefully. Tough job, but someone has to do it! :)

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