Tuesday, 9 December 2008

School Concert

For the first time in YEARS our kid's school put on a school concert - and I must say, the school did a great job! I've rarely seen a concert executed so well: no boring blabbing by teachers to introduce numbers, and no big breaks between numbers. It was quite astounding. Peirce was VERY excited for the whole event and was going crazy from the moment he got home. He wanted to change and get to the school! We put it off as long as we could....ate dinner, got dressed up, warmed up the van, put air in the tires, stopped at the corner store, and drove well under the speed limit to get there....and we were still 40 minutes early. The good news though is that we got the front row!! Front AND center!

Jill's class sang a song about Canada. Jill got to introduce it (only when we were there she said her little blurb at the end because the pianist started playing the song....so they just sang!)

Peirce's class did Mexico. They made sombreros out of newspaper. So cute!!

Feliz Navidad!!

Red, Green and White, the colors of the Mexican flag

Mexican Hat Dance

Every class/grade did a different country. At the end of it all the children all came into the gym and were around the walls and they sang a song about Peace on Earth. It brought tears to my eyes! It made me think of Parvanna and how some children in the world must ache for peace on earth.

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