Friday, 5 December 2008

Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli

I LOVED this book. It would be so fun to read this book with kids in Junior High or High School. Jill's teacher read it to their class and Jill raved about it for quite a while. Finally she got it out of the library and gave it to me and insisted that I must read it. I'm so glad she did! It's so refreshing!
The story is about a girl that home to high school after being homeschooled. She's a free spirit that doesn't worry about what other kids think. She dances in the rain, she cheers for the opponents when they score, she plays a ukele in the cafeteria and leaves surprises for everyone in her homeroom class. At the first the kids are horrified. Then they learn to appreciate her. Then they love her...then they turn on her....and her response to it all is inspiring.
Truthfully, I think this is an ageless issue. Women of all ages could probably do well to learn from Star Girl. I think it should be a book read once a year!
Apparently there is another book called Love Star Girl which full of journal entries to give perspective on her side of the story of everything that happened in StarGirl. Got to get that book!

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