Saturday, 7 February 2009

Crazy (Hat) Day

Today was the Crazy Hat Meet. Unfortunately Jill is suffering from the effects of a cold and didn't have much fun. A double unfortunately came when Peirce's friend's sister didn't come to the meet, which means Peirce's friend wasn't there - and so Peirce was b-o-r-e-d. All in all it was a long painful day for all of us as a result...although Peirce did eventually learn to control his complaining (upon threat of a slow and painful death).
I suppose there was something gained from the time spent in that overcrowded, overheated small space!

....not that I'm bitter or anything...
This is Peirce with his dinosaur that he played with all day today. I hate that dinosaur. He kept trying to bite me. Grrrrr!

By the end of the day Jill was more worn out than I've ever seen. I had planned to go to the adult session of Stake Conference, but it was clear that her level of patience for her little brother was so low that leaving them home was not a good idea. Since the meet ended just minutes before Conference started there wasn't time to get a sitter.

Oh well! All these things shall give thee experience, right?!

I would have not had Jill swim but she was pretty sure she should do it. She isn't willing to wimp out of practises or competing and figures if she does that (just like Michael Phelps) she'll one day get even more medals than him.

Let's hope! Today she beat her time on two of her races. I think she beat her time on her 200 IM too but she got DQ'd. I thought she did quite well considering how rotten she felt!

...after her 200 IM....she did well, just made one little mistake. Oops!

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