Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday Seven

This has been one heck of a busy week. I've been absorbed in my work and I'm finally catching on to how to use the new system. I have had things I've meant to blog about this week - but time has got away from me, so today will have to do!

My list of Sunday Seven for today is:

1. I'm grateful for good books. This week I read The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. Every February in our book club we read a romance and then at book club night we have chocolate fondue. We meet this week and I finished the book today. As far as romances go, it's a great one! The end brought me to tears. Loved it! Nicholas Sparks hasn't disappointed me yet.

2. I'm glad we're not going to Atlanta. We were planning to go in June for the PFS company convention - but it has now been cancelled. The parent company, Citigroup, has received bail out funding from the US government and as a result cancelled the convention. I thought it was an interesting thing to do since everyone pays their own way to the convention. However, I think the optics aren't good. Most news reporters can't seem to understand how the business works and that PFS doesn't get money from Citigroup either - so they were probably smart with that. Instead Mark and Sandy and Dennis and Shaun are planning a trip to Mexico. You have to qualify to be invited on the trip - so we're working on that! I think their trip will be something I'd enjoy and get much more out of than the company convention anyway. I've often enjoyed the company convention, but don't mind giving it up either. This year it was in June so we were having to figure out who to stay with our kids or where to send them - and I'm just glad we don't have to figure that out now.

3. Choir - Gee, I seem to bring this up every week. But you know, I am enjoying it! I'm definitely feeling my personal talents enlarged. Just the simple fact that I'm enjoying it is a blessing because I've never really been a fan of ward choir. Today we performed Dearest Children God Is Near You. I made Peirce sing with us. We had a group of children sing parts of the song. He won't admit it now - but he did enjoy it. After we sang he was sitting by me and humming the song and he said, "I liked that one Mom!" However, on the way home he went back to his regular grumbling about choir. He'd hate to admit he likes it.

4. An indepent daughter!
Today during Sacrament meeting it suddenly dawned on me that Jill was supposed to give a talk today. I pointed it out to her on the ward bulletin....and asked her if she wanted to write it or if I should write the talk. She wanted to write it and set to work. She did a good job too! Then later, I forgot to go listen to her talk. Smack some bad mother points on me. I sure was a dum dum with her talk today! Apparently it went well though. (sigh) Next week it's Peirce's turn so I guess I'll try harder to get it together this week.

5. Romance! On Friday our stake put on the annual Sweet Heart's Ball. For years we didn't attend - but I think this is the 3rd year we've gone. They have a big band that plays and I really enjoy watching the girls in the band sing. Oh how I want to be one of them! :0) We enjoyed visiting with friends on Friday....but didn't quite get in enough dancing, I'd say. Guess we'll have to do a little dancing in the kitchen to make up for it. :0)

6. Good friends for my kids. This is Teacher's Convention weekend so Thursday and Friday ther was no school and again Friday there is no school. On Thursday Jill played all day with her friend, Rae, and Peirce had a friend named Hazel over. I'm glad my kids have such nice kids as their friends.

7. Free tickets!! This week I won tickets from a radio station to go see Annie!! Jill and I are going on Tuesday. I can't wait!!

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Shirley Wilson said...

I always look for your blogs. It is so nice to read what your family is going. I wished more of the family would blog on the family site. I miss hearing from everyone.