Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday Seven

Seven Things I'm Grateful For Today:
1. A healthy body. I have been inspired by people around the pool lately and their good health. I'm grateful for the health I enjoy and I need to continue to make exercise a priority in my life. I'm grateful I have a healthy body that responds to eating well and exercising! For the month of January I did 20 minutes on the Nordic Track every day. I have been thinking a lot that I need to add Yoga to my routine - so this is the month!

2. Amazing Church Leaders - A new Bishop was recently called for our ward. I think he and his wife are just terrific and I'm excited for our ward to have him as our Bishop. I also am really grateful to be in a stake an amazing Stake Presidency. Today was our Stake Conference and I appreciated the wisdom, the humor, and the challenges they gave us.

3. Missionary work - I was also inspired by the talks given by other people. One woman who is a new member of the church spoke of her conversion. She had a friend who loved her into the gospel. It was a long process - perhaps 4 or more years if I remember right. From what she said it sounds like her friend was someone I know well and it was sure wonderful to hear her story! I want to be a friend like that. I really have a desire to share the joy the gospel brings into my life.

4. Music - Jill seems to be catching on to the great experience music can be. She sang in the stake primary choir today and seemed. The two of us are going to sing in the stake contata that is coming up - and I'm very excited to be able to do that together.

5. My new job - I got my list of shops Friday and I'm thick into scheduling now. The new company's website is a little more confusing that I thought it might be - but I think it'll all come together. I am so grateful for this new job!

6. Propane! Allen's car runs on propane - and I'm so glad. Our last car was stolen and we felt like it was probably the worst thing that could happen to us. We really didn't feel like it was the best time to be buying a new car - but we sure did end up in a sweet situation! The propane tank has saved us tons of money. During the colder months we've had he found the car didn't run as well on propane so he had to use regular gas - but now things are warming up and we're back to propane. YEA!

7. Going to bed early on Sundays....I really need a good 10 hours tonight I think. Goodnight!!

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JA Crew said...

great post! cute valentines too!