Monday, 2 February 2009

FHE: Happy Birthday To Me!

Usually I plan everything for FHE. If I don't get it planned I'll say to Allen at 4:00 or so, "Could you be in charge of FHE?" and he'll ask what he should do and we usually come up with a story from the scriptures he can tell. So, today when he said, "You don't get to plan anything for FHE today." I had to wonder what was going on. Turned out they wanted to celebrate my birthday! Allen is going to be out of town on the day of my birthday so he decided today was the day to celebrate (I was quite impressed with his planning on that!)

So, I made dinner and after dinner we had presents and cheesecake! They got me a couple new shirts and a facial! I think I just might schedule that facial for the actually day of my birthday. The cheesecake was deeeelicious! It was a rolo cheesecake. Truthfully, I don't think there's a bad kind of cheesecake. They're all delicious.

( hmmmm....I'm 42 (thus the four and two single, I'm not 411!)..and we're celebrating on the second day of the second month....maybe my lucky number this year is going to be two!)

After we went bowling. I was the clear champion....smoked everyone! They said they let me win because it's my birthday...but don't believe them. I defeated them on pure inner strength and skill (oh, and it's a good thing we still have young enough kids that we can justify using the bumper pads) :0).....maybe there was a lot of luck thrown in there too. LOL

Thanks for the fun birthday party my little family. I sure do love you! :)

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toby and amy said...

What a great husband you have!