Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday Seven

I saw this on Alysha's blog and thought it was a great idea. Hope you don't mind if I borrow it Alysha! The idea is that every Sunday you blog about 7 things you're grateful for.

So here goes....

1. I'm grateful for great mentors and friends like Mark and Sandy. They are inspiring and amazing and fun. We got to see them this weekend and I always marvel at how they're able to inspire and and teach and remain so real. They have made a huge impact on mine and Allen's lives.

2. I'm grateful to be part of a great ward. I seem to have that on my mind a lot today. I have so many good friends in my ward and am so blessed by those people. I've realized how important it is to be involved and develop relationships. It's fun - and it provide a great foundation to so many things. I've thought a lot about how those relationships have been a blessing when trials come along. Our lives are deeply interwoven. Because of that we're aware of one another and can help one another. I feel a responsibility to invite others into our circle of friendship so that their lives can be similarly blessed.

3. I'm grateful I have been taught to be willing to try things even if they're hard. I took on the assignment to lead the choir for our ward and it sure isn't something I would have volunteered for. I didn't think I could do it - but I've put a lot of effort into learning how to do it and even though there are tons of people that are much better at doing something like this I'm grateful that it seems to be working and that my talents are growing.

4. I'm grateful for my new job at GfK! I've been humming and hawing for about six months about making some sort of change. I felt like I needed to make a change and have finally done it. I start tomorrow! I thought when my kids were in school I'd go back to teaching. However, it doesn't seem to be in the cards for me right now. Not because there aren't jobs out there I could apply for...but my heart just isn't in it. I want to continue to work from home. I'll be doing the same thing I was doing before, only with a different company. Looking forward to it! And mostly I'm grateful to be able to still work from home.

5. I'm grateful for Freecycle! This weekend we got a 52" TV and an amazing stairmaster machine from someone that was moving and couldn't take it all with them....and just like the rules say, it was all free!

6. I'm grateful my family all enjoys good health. I've been praying for friends, Melanie and Scott Palmer as he goes through a heart transplant. I am amazed at Melanie's strength through all this...and thankful for modern science that makes miracles possible. Still praying for a miracle.

7. I'm grateful for my good kids. I'm amazed every day how independent they. I am proud of the people they're becoming. I've said it before, and I still think that they're two of the most interesting people I know. I'm grateful to be able to be their mom and I love being a parent to them together with Allen. We love being their parents!

....charming, aren't they?! :0)

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