Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Geronimo Stilton to the Rescue!

Peirce likes to read.

Well, not really. He prefers to be read to. He'll spend time in books, usually non-fiction books - but really doesn't get absorbed in novels.

Every now and then I think he's about to take off and really start getting into books. I feel like my work as a mother as far as reading goes gets wrapped up when they learn to really love reading: - when they'll sit for hours and bask in the enjoyment of a book. For Jill that happened in about Grade Three with Roald Dahl. She decided she was going to try to read every Roald Dahl book - and I think she did! After that she always had to have a book on the go. We've often had a heated discussion after swimming practise when I want to go home and she insists that we MUST go to the library because she is in crisis mode and doesn't have a single book she can read that night. I pretty much always relent. Who can turn down a desperate need for a book!

Well, I've never really been able to find anything to do that for Peirce. We bought a book at the church bookstore in Cardston a while ago and I thought that one might do it - but he was into it for a while and then it slowed down. I've tried Frank Zipzer books. I've tried Roald Dahl. I've tried The Magic Treehouse. I've tried Harry Potter. He loves them all - but he wants me to read them to him. I'm happy to do that - but I really want to find something that will get him on fire with reading.

On Saturday we went out for dinner with some friend's. Their kids are close to our kid's age, and their son had borrowed some Geronimo Stilton books that day from a friend. I think he had borrowed three books, and when we arrived at their house he had just finished the second one for the day, and wanted to get into the third one. He played with Peirce while we were at their house - but when we went out for dinner he brought his book along and during dinner he did some reading. After that Peirce wanted to read Geronimo Stilton too. The next day they brought a couple books to church for Peirce to borrow. Last night we started reading one of them while we were waiting for Peirce's turn for swim practise, and then some more at dinner - and when he went to bed he wanted to read some more. This morning he got up and came into our bed and wanted to continue reading. He had almost finished the book!! YEA!!! I think we've got it! He asked me if we could go buy him a bunch of Gerinomi Stilton books. I think we just might! Have to feed the hunger while his stomach is growing!

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