Saturday, 1 May 2010

Soccer Saturday

Our Stake President has passed on a message from the Regional Representative for this area asking us all to step up and do more missionary work. We are getting a temple and the goal is to have two new stakes in Calgary by the time it is built. Every week those in leadership callings report on what they did that week - and there's no 'I left a Book of Mormon on the bus and this guy said, "Is that your book?" and I think he felt the spirit.".....they want to know who we had over to our house or to church. To help us do that he's asked us to have some sort of activity each week in our church building. The primary decided that we would have bitty ball on Saturdays. We are starting with Soccer - and today was our first day.

I have to say, I was excited about it to start with, but as the day approached I found all sorts of reasons why we shouldn't start just yet. I made the mistake of letting my kids (well, all the primary kids) know about it and when I started saying maybe we won't start this week they disagreed and let me know quite clearly. So, we went ahead.

I emailed all the primary families on Friday night. I got a few responses - but when we got there Saturday morning at 8 am no one was there, except for us and our token non-member. After about 15 minutes a couple kids on bikes showed up, then one more, then another and another - and so we said, "Let the game begin!"

I think they had a lot of fun. I know my kids ran pretty hard for an hour. We had to leave right at 9:00 because Jill has swim practise on Saturdays. Peirce and I went and did errands. He was awfully quiet. When I asked him if anything was wrong he said, "Oh, I'm just a little tired." While we did errands he just sat quietly in the back of the car. I decided that is a great way to start every Saturday...and gee, maybe every day! I think school would be a lot more enjoyable for Peirce (and easier for his teacher) if he could play soccer for an hour every morning.

So, in the end we had 10 kids there. I figured that was a pretty good start. Hopefully next Saturday we have even more. Time will tell!

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