Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunday Seven

1. Busy Busy Lives- Yesterday was a busy busy day for us. We had soccer, then Jill had swimming, then we did a bunch of errands as a family, then we stopped by some friend's house, and then we ended up going out for dinner with them - and man, was I tired by the end....but it's a great feeling to have a full and productive and fulfilling day. I love days like that (as long as I get a few to rest inbetween!)

2. Testimonies - Today in church Jill bore her testimony. She's such a good girl and her testimony is growing. I am so grateful to have such a great girl as my daughter.

3. Scriptures - Peirce received scriptures for his birthday - and each day when we read scriptures as a family instead of using the old ones we keep in the kitchen he goes and gets his new scriptures. He is much more interested in reading scriptures and is especially proud to have a Book of Mormon and a Bible. It warms my heart!

4. Subbing - I had three days of subbing this week. It makes my life a little crazy, and is tiring - but it's fun too. I come home from subbing and feel excited about the things I was able to do that day....rather than having tight shoulder muscles from stress which is often the case with my other job! (Although, I am grateful for that job too)

5. Friends - today we had a few friends over for a pot luck dinner. Allen invited everyone and I really wasn't sure who was coming and what they were bringing, or if they were bringing anything...but it all worked out perfectly. No one brought anything that someone else had brought, and we even had dessert! And best of all we had a great time visiting together. It was really great.

6. Warranties - the past little while the transmission in Allen's car has been acting up. He had had it worked on a while ago and so he went back to the same place. Lucky for us it was something that they warranty and so while it was in the shop for three days it didn't end up costing us a dime. PHEW!!! So grateful!

7. Fast cars! Just have to add this. Since we were having people over for dinner today I was anxious to get home rather than wait for Allen to finish with setting people apart, doing tithing, and whatever else seems to take an hour after church. We got a ride home with the other counsellor in the Bishopric and he has this fancy, black, fast, convertable car. It was so fun to ride home with him! The kids and I loved it. We're thinking we might get him to drive us home every week! LOL (Just kidding! .....kind of)

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