Thursday, 20 May 2010

In The Jungle, The Lion Jungle, The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Maybe this is a little over the top....but I love these videos!!

I had agreed to sub today, and then later found out that Peirce's class was doing an assembly. Oh the heartache! I was so sorry to miss it (can subs call in sick?) Instead I sent Jill to school with my camera and admonished her to video tape as much as possible and take lots of pictures. She did a great job!

They were all on a safari! Peirce was a zebra. He took some black electrical tape to school and striped up his friends.

I love it that he still loves pretend play!

Zebras unite!
Peirce was nominated for a Circle of Courage award for being generous. They said he made everyone feel welcome to play wall ball with him. So proud of him!

And now for the videos!!

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marcella said...

Congratulations to Peirce! It sounds like he truly deserved that award for being generous - he brought all the stripes for the zebras too. Clever and generous.