Monday, 25 October 2010

Adventure Time!

When Peirce got home from school today he was up for an adventure - and in true Peirce form, he nagged someone until he got it!

I had a PD day today and was downtown at a conference so Allen and Peirce decided to go get on a bus and come and meet me. With the magic of cell phones and them getting a bunch of bus transfers as they went, we were able to find one another along the bus route and end up on the same bus. What a fun surprise to be sitting on a boring overcrowded bus and them get on!!

After our bus ride we stopped at the pool to pick up Jill from swimming - but not without a stop first at the library. We discovered the greatest thing! The library lends out GPS devices that you can use for geocaching!! Looks like another adventure is in the works! When Jill got home she got busy playing with it and reading the instructions. I have a feeling this is going to be a busy weekend running around Calgary to find all sorts of treasurers! Let the adventuring begin!

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Gilly said...

Cool - I didn't know that. We have friends that are totally into geo caching and they say it is great fun.