Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday is a Special Day

What did you do on Saturday? I'm amazed at how our weekends are always so full! Here was our day:

6-8 am: Get up early and try to do a little housework (pretty much a fail..not much accomplished)
9 am: Off to the church for a primary activity (Sacrament Meeting presentation is tomorrow!)
Noon: Clean up the church, do some work to get ready for sharing time tomorrow
1-2 pm: Do a bunch of swim club stuff - write checks, pay bills, etc.
2 pm: Go to Jill's swim meet
7-10:30 pm: Take in a basketball game while we're there!

.....then fall into bed! (The big party next door didn't even keep me awake this time!)

Oh for the simple life of a quiet weekend! *sigh*

I love it when Jill has meet's at the U of C. I find it a totally nostalgic experience to be there and see all my old hang outs. I love it.

We went to the basketball game because we were there, and they were playing Lethbridge. My cousin is an assistant coach with their team. He apparently went home after last night's game though and wasn't there for this game. Oh well. We had a good time there! Peirce used his wooing skills to befriend the girl that throws prizes into the crowd and he scored with candy, a water bottle and a t-shirt. The game was a lot of fun and he decided he's not going to be in the Olympics with Jill. Instead he wants to play basketball for U of C. That works for me! :0)
Peirce went around to a ton of the players and got them to sign his shirt. He says it's his most prized possession and that he will never wear it and get it sweaty :0)

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