Saturday, 2 October 2010

Simple Prayers

A post by my BIL on facebook reminded me that I need to blog about an answer to prayer.

First his story: he had a mollusk emergency. Apparently their kids have a snail (not sure if it's an aquarium or just a snail....really need to go visit them!) and the snail went down the drain. His post wondered if his lettuce strategy would work....put a lettuce lure down the drain and hope the snail decides he's hungry. His kids were quite upset:

There was some hyperventilating and a lot of trembling. The current strategy is fishing with lettuce lures. Crawl onto the leaf little snail. Come on... Come on...

Later the update said:


I don't doubt there were some prayers going on there.

Now my story.....On Thursday while we were at Jill's Cross Country Meet we lost Peirce. Allen had come to the meet with Peirce and they went to the bathrooms when they first got there. That was the last he saw him. We didn't worry about it too much at first. We figured we'd run into him. But we didn't. Then Jill's race started. Still no Peirce. We follow Jill's progress. Still no Peirce. The race ends. Still no Peirce. We start looking....looking....looking. After about half an hour of a focused search I'm starting to get a little worried...okay a lot worried. So I went into some trees where I figured I could pretty much be alone amongst the 800 or so people there, and said a prayer. It was a focused and pleading prayer. "Please don't let this be one of those life changing moments that haunts us forever! I need to find him right now!" I got up, walked up the hill - straight to my boy - who was totally oblivious to the panic he had set in the rest of his family.

Amazing! One little prayer - and I walked straight to an area I hadn't been looking in before. So thankful for answers to prayers!

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