Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hanging With the Hitmen

Ever since Jill started school her birthday parties have been disappointing. Poor girl. It's almost impossible to get in touch with her friends and gather enough to have a successful birthday party in the summers. This year I finally convinced her to wait until school was back in session to have her party - and tonight was the night.

Allen has a friend who got us a deal on Hitmen hockey game tickets and so she took a bunch of friends to the hockey game. I was kind of concerned about how fun it would be. What I learned was that that bunch of girls can have fun no matter what they do! It was a real kick to hang out with them.
She got her name up on the jumbo-tron to wish her a happy birthday. And Farey came into our section. He had just swiped a bag of mini donuts from one of the vendors and when Jill told him itw as her birthday he gave her a big kiss and gave her the donuts. Just wait until her father hears!!

Happy belated birthday to my little girl! I loved watching you have a great time tonight!

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