Monday, 2 July 2012

Hyde Reunion 2012

What a great time. Family, fun, beauty, rest and plenty of food!

Setting: Payne Lake Lodge in Southern Alberta

Cast of Characters: Nobles, Jensens, Wilsons, Boyers, Dudleys, Laws, Ackroyds, Nelsons, Bailies, and Andersons.

Plot: Arrive Saturday, have a family fight (also known as auction), take bids over the phone from Las Vegas (go Nickee!!), let Brad have all the quilts AGAIN, share stories, laughs, and food, stay up late, play the baby grand, catch frogs, give away Happy Tickets, cash in Happy Tickets, drive Brad's quads, play guitar, play pool, cruise around in paddle boats, have a bonfire, stay away from bears, explain to people who drop by to see if there's anywhere to camp that we are having a family reunion, learn about the stories of our Uncle's families, family prayer, family stories, entertainment, share talents, and more.

Moral of the Story: Great memories are created when we are together.

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