Monday, 23 July 2012

Las Vegas/SLC

We have been having a great time on our trip. The conference has been amazing and inspiring, and it has been a good time with our kids and with friends. I have to say, Las Vegas wouldn't be my top pick of destinations. I can hardly stand the heat, and the crowdedness of The Strip is mind numbing, but overall it has been wonderful. Mostly it's just great to get away!

On the way home we stopped in SLC. When we got to downtown SLC we passed by The Beehive House and I said, "And on the right we have Brigham Young's house." Peirce was so shocked. He couldn't believe it could be Brigham Young's house and so we definitely had to stop and tour it. It was really an interesting tour, with two sister missionaries, one from Australia and one from Mongolia! After that we went over to temple square and took looks of pictures and hit the highlights. Peirce had a wonderful time taking pictures. Jill ran into a French speaking family and had a great French conversation with them. (It all started with "I love her sac a dos" by one of the children). There are missionaries all over temple square and Jill was thrilled to see all the sister missionaries. She declared, "I want to be a sister missionary when I grow up!"

We have had a great time on our trip. We need to do this kind of thing more often! So happy to have these guys for my forever family!

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