Sunday, 15 July 2012

Stampede 2012

I'm one of those Calgarians who usually prefers to leave town during the Stampede. This year, however, I got quite a lot of Stampede life! Here are some of my favorite parts:

I loved the performers at The Steps of the Saddledome. Some of my favorites:

The Twin Tango

Becky Hoops is also hilarious! Someone who was a volunteer in her show has posted a video on YouTube here. So funny!

My favorite has to be the Calgary Band of Outriders. I could watch them perform again and again. Well, I did. Loved it.

Tonight when we were heading back to our meeting room the band was playing. It was raining so I was surprised they were playing. It turned out they were under the +15. They were kind of in a mob, dancing away, and people were all around them dancing along with them. It was so fun! Made me proud to be a Calgarian!


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