Monday, 18 February 2013

A New Low

A couple years ago I did the hCg diet. It worked for a time. Then, just like any other diet I've done, I gained the weight back, and a little more. There's a lot of controversy about the hCg diet and I read the pros and the cons. In the end I got sick of the cycle and decided I was not going to diet ever again. It hasn't been easy. I have had many times where I've been tempted to go back to the dieting regime. It has been especially tempting when I talk to someone whose lost a bunch of weight on a diet and I think about the slow road I've been on to lose weight - but each time I've been able to get a hold of myself and have determined to stay on the road I'm on.

And that brings me to my news! I stepped on the scale today and I'm at a new low! December and January were not great walking months. I am trying to get back at it in February and it is so great to see the scale move! I'm down 1.5 pounds from my previous low.

In August, September, October and November I lost five pounds each month. Maybe I can do it again in Feburary!

My long term goal is to become a runner. I'm hoping that I will have lost enough by May to start running then.

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