Friday, 15 February 2013

Walking and TVs

Today was a huge walking day for me. Yesterday and today have been PD days and luckily today's PD Day was at a school close enough to home to walk - so I did. However, as I was almost there one of my co-workers came along and said, "Get in!" So I did.

I have a weird dichotomy in my life. I do love walking. I also am willing to duck out of the obligation at any time. It just takes so much time! Then again, most good and healthy things do.

Later in the day I decided to walk downtown. I was working at the hockey game with Jill and had a couple hours before I had to be there. I figured the walk would take about an hour, and I've been thinking I should get doing some 2-a-days, so no time like the present.

Man, that was a lot of walking! In the end it was just over 15 kms.

Two things I learned:

1. I need to carry water. Need more water!
2. People are sometimes uncomfortable with allowing me to walk.

During the day people would ask what we're doing this weekend. I'd mention that I was going to the hockey game and I'd always get an offer for a ride. It reminded me of when we didn't have a TV when we were first married. People would be surprised when they found out we didn't have a TV and inevitably would offer us one immediately. We were okay with not having one - but apparently people weren't okay with us not having one. Walking is kind of the same. I'm okay with walking and it seems to be helping me reach my goals - but people are always quick to offer a ride. I know they do it out of the kindness of their heart - but it's interesting to me how uncomfortable people are with having someone walk as part of every day life. It makes me more determined to be a walker...which is probably a good thing.

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