Thursday, 28 February 2013

Report Card Season

It is the time of the year that teachers not so affectionately refer to as report card season.

Writing report cards has been really tricky for me. Mostly, planning, teaching and wrapping up the day takes all my time and energy. Somehow I have to add in the extra tens of hours that report cards take me. Up until this time, it has really been a difficult experience for me. I seemed to always forget some important assessment that I'd have to quickly figure out how I was going to squish in. I'd sit and wonder how in the world I was going to write all the comments. I suddenly realized my linen cupboards were in dire need of organizing. Books start calling my name. I will do practically anything to avoid the work I need to do to get the report cards done, it seems, at times.

Well, not this time baby!! I made a plan early and while, if I had followed it perfectly, I would be finished by now, I am light years ahead of where I have been in past report card seasons.

The interesting thing is that I have actually enjoyed the process this time. I have enjoyed getting a better picture of where each of the kids are at. I have enjoyed wrapping up things that have just been sitting around waiting for me to get them entered in my grading spreadsheet. And I have enjoyed thinking  about each of the children in the class.

I really do enjoy the kids I am teaching. They're a unpredictable bunch at times. They are impulsive and silly and smart and kind. They're needy and confident and mature and at times, a typical 8 year old. I really do hope I can make a difference for them. I really feel blessed to be able to spend my days with them.

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