Friday, 17 May 2013

A New Perspective

I have stuck to my goal of being a walker for 11 months now. Three months ago I decided I set a new goal to walk 100 km every month. It has been going quite well. I can honestly say it has become part of my routine. It is just what I do and 100 km isn't even that hard! It is just very daily.

For the past 11 months we have been a one car family. That has helped me walk. When I need to, I walk to the grocery store. I walk home from work. I walk to the library. It has been great. I haven't minded just having one vehicle because walking has been a real benefit. Recently, though, we got a second vehicle. Wow! There are so many more things I can do now!

While I really have loved it, it has been an adjustment.  I seem to have to learn all over again how to fit walking into my daily schedule. I was feeling kind of discouraged today. I got up today and did 5 km and was feeling down about it because I am only at 27 km this month. As I looked over my stats on I got a new perspective.

Last summer, I did 90 km in August, and it just about killed me. I would walk 5k and then come home and go back to bed! And there were months this past year where I did 25-30 km all month.

As I looked over the past year's stats I got a new perspective. I have come a long way baby!! And I am excited about it!

Now, I better get out there and do 5 more!


Jenn said...

You are doing awesome! It is so important to make our goals achievable for us - and not compare to others. You have set goals and you are achieving them and you notice the change it makes for you. Thanks for being so motivating! Keep up the good work!

Jenn said...

You have set goals for yourself and you are achieving them! Way to go! Remember to not compare yourself to others but try to continue to achieve a little beyond what you are capable. Thanks for sharing and for being motivational to others.