Saturday, 4 May 2013

Heritage Fair

Today Peirce got to be part of a Heritage Fair. He did some interviewing of his grandparents to find out how some of his ancestors came to Alberta. He wrote about Frank and Justina Banman who came from Russia, about Anthon Marius Jensen who came from Denmark and Walter Ackroyd who came from England. Many of the other presentations were about other areas of interest in Alberta history. It was quite a lot of fun!

All of the kids were recognized for the work they did putting their presentations together.

They got to shake the hand of a colonel in WWII.

There were a lot of kids from Peirce's school there!

Even Mayor Nenshi came and checked things out. Peirce got to tell him about his research and Mayor Nenshi said he was very proud of Peirce and told him how his parents came to Alberta.

He was one proud boy!

Great job Peirce!


Lalainia said...

Hi Dawn, I totally know who you are - I remember when you lived with Sandra and remember your grandparents well. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I just read some of your blogs about your sweet Destiny. You shared so many of the exact same thoughts I have had. Am I correct that you suffered a miscarriage after Destiny. The exact same thing happened to us as well. For whatever reason we have never been able to add to our family. I also noticed that your father passed away. My father died December of 2010. We have so much in common. Sorry to write an epistle, just nice to know someone else out there understands. Thanks again, Lalainia ps. If you are on facebook you can find me under my full name Lalainia Puzey Atwood

Dawn said...

Yes, I did have another miscarriage after Destiny.

Interesting to see the things in common.

I've always wanted to do something to help other families who go through stillbirth experiences. Maybe we could figure something out together.