Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Off

Today we had a Sunday off. Allen went to his early morning meeting, but then he came home and we went to a baby blessing for his cousin, Virginia's little girl. It was so nice to sit through sacrament meeting not thinking about my lesson coming up. It was nice to go to Sunday School and just listen. Then we went to RS. They were having their VTing Conference. They had a short short lesson and then had a brunch! Score! What a relaxing lovely Sunday!

To top it off, after church we went to Virginia's house and had a family dinner. It was so nice to catch up on what is happening in their lives. Even better, we plan to do it again on a regular basis. We have quite a lot of family in Calgary, but everyone seems to have enough immediate family connections that we don't have family dinners with anyone very much. We plan to do this more with them in the future. It is going to be great!

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