Friday, 17 May 2013

Mother's Everywhere

Lately I try to walk while my kids are at swim practice. It makes sense to walk while I am waiting for them. Today I decided, instead of doing my normal route around the pool neighborhood, I would drive over to a neighborhood where I haven't walked a lot and check our houses and yards. It was delightful.

I soon realized I was near Queen's Park Cemetery so I decided to walk through there and visit Destiny's gravesite. It's funny how I still can't do that without a good cry. It is such a beautiful spot - right next to a playground. I am happy with the spot.

The area has really grown in the number of headstones. It made my heart ache a little more. I vowed that I am going to get the money together to get her a headstone.

I was amazed at the number of headstones for stillborn babies. They always just have one date and often say "born silently". I wondered about those mothers and how they're doing with the loss. I feel a bond with women who have had stillborn babies. We hold an ache that never goes away.

Tonight, I came across a poem while catching up on Kirby Larsen's blog. It is written by a child. Perhaps even animal mothers know the heartache.

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