Friday, 17 May 2013

Mission Accomplished!

One of the major tasks Jill and I had planned for this weekend was to get a dress for her Gr. 9 farewell. She cooked up this idea to put a new bodice on a dress she wore seven years ago or so to David and Crystal's wedding. Crazy thing: the waist still fits her.

It seemed like kind of a fun idea. So we headed out today to Fabricland and we to start sewing. However, along the way we came across this dress shop in an industrial area. They had a sign out saying everything was 50%. Perfect!

 They specialize in those huge fancy dresses for grads and weddings.....really not what we were looking for. I detest those kind of dresses. Movie stars look great in them. I think most mere mortals look ridiculous in them.

We kept going deeper into the store though (I'm terrible for taking a step into a store, sizing up what is available from my first minute, and doing a 360 and moving onto the next store.....I call it efficiency shopping!) 

In the back of the store we found a rack of cute dresses that might work. I forced Jill into trying on a few (I think she shops a little like sense trying something on unless you are REALLY sure it is a ringer for a purchase). They were so cute! One in particular was perfect, and only $50! We asked if they could hold it for her, and they wouldn't. 

Fine. Off we went to Fabricland. While we were at Fabricland we decided why spend all the time sewing this crazy creation and risk it not working out when there was this cute dress waiting - no sewing required! We went back, grabbed it, and sped off. Mission accomplished! I loved how efficient it all was too! Now that is my kind of shopping! No hours perusing the mall. No trips to the US to check out unique stores. Nope. First store. First dress. Done!  Love it!

P.S. I will post pics soon!

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