Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Jill is now 1/3 finished her mission! A lot of people ask if we miss her. We do - but there is no place we'd rather have her be spending her time and so are loving this time. We know that the things she is learning and the experiences she is having will leave an indelible impression on her life and others - including ours. There are things you can learn on a mission that you can't replicate with any other experience. It's a life changer! It's great blessing to have someone on a mission and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

Jill didn't send a group email this week, but here are some things from the emails she sent to us:

She's been sick. She said: I was thinking this week since I have a cold, can you send Tylenol cold medicine when you send a package next? They have other things here but when you're sick you just want what you want right? 

Re: Elaine Dalton
  • Don't you want to be the type of person who when you leave, people take notes? I do!! She was just on vacation. She loves it hear and comes often! 
Re: Halloween
  • I'm going to wear a white shirt and black skirt and call my costume an elder.
Re: Mission activities:
  • We're going to have a district meal with foods from everyone's home. Any Canadian ideas? There's like 3 sisters and an elder from Canada so I have to think of something original and maybe Calgary specific? 

Someone from South Jordan, Utah sent me a text. She said that they were in France visiting because her husband served there. They went to the temple and met Jill and her companion, Soeur Ethington. She said: Just met your beautiful daughter at the Paris temple visitor center. You should be very proud!

 ...and we are! These are the pictures she sent:

Soeur Ethington is from Utah and lives across the street from the director of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square (had to use the new name!). Her mom is from France.


Connie Low said...

You are in our prayers Soeur Ackroyd. Continue your great work.

Marcia Bates said...

Great Halloween costume idea!