Monday, 28 January 2008

What's this??!! Calgary in January??!!!

Looks like we have 3 days of severe arctic weather that has landed on us. Not sure how we're going to survive this. Then again, we'll do like we usually do when this happens. I think we may just hunker down and stay inside.

Weird things happen when it gets this cold. The door knob on the INSIDE of our front door is all frosty. Our garage door won't open. And of course,there's the problem of what do you do with a little dog that won't go outside to pee. The joys of Canadian winter!!

Nothing like those days where your eyebrows frost up, your eyelashes freeze, and every breath turns to icicles!

Of course, it's a good time for ice sculpture competitions!

....I'm dreaming of California.

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Alysha Sladek said...

This weather is crazy. I sure hope it ends soon!!! Day 3 our car finally decided to start... urghhhh