Saturday, 5 January 2008

Dawn totally recommends...The Big Cook!

Well, I'm not sure I can give this the ultimate pinacle title of favorite present - but it's one that I think is really going to have an impact on my life! I love it!

It's a cookbook called The Big Cook.

They boast that you can prepare 200 meals in one day....and I believe them! I tried Once a Month cooking for a while - but it totally wore me out. It's a LOT of work. However, the approach they've taken is so much easier! The other night I put together six meals in 90 minutes. We've eaten a couple so far and my family has LOVED them. I'm so thrilled about this. I think it's going to change my life! I totally recommend it.

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iemily said...

I just bought this book. I think it is going to change my life. I made up like 5 meals on my day off (while Sarah was at daycare). I've only tried the saucy chicken so far (YUM!), but I have some bbq beef in the freezer ready to go :) So EASY!!