Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Friend

We've recently started reading The Friend during lunch time. Peirce is a pretty slow eater and if everyone eats and then gets up and gets on with the day he quits eating too - and it's usually too soon for him to quit and it means he doesn't eat enough. I've started reading The Friend out loud to him and it's been great! We have some interesting gospel discussions - and he is getting more food in him too - which is a good thing.

This week we've read The Holy Ghost is Real , at his request, almost every day (he's a REAL repetition kid still!)

Well, last night the girl that is staying with us came to me and told me that Peirce had gone into her room and eaten her chocolate orange. She wasn't upset about the orange being eaten (as a matter of fact she said it isn't even really something she loves) but she thought I'd want to know because I've talked to Peirce a lot about not going into our guest's rooms when they're not there. So I approached him quietly and asked if he had perhaps taken the chocolate. He told me he had and so I asked him to go apologize. When he came back to me he had big tears in his eyes and we talked about how he felt. He said that he really felt the spirit and it was hard for him not to cry. I was so happy that he recognized that!! We had a little discussion about how the spirit tells us when we're doing something right and how sometimes when I feel the spirit I feel like crying too. He gave me a big long hug and I told him how proud I was of him for choosing the right.

I don't think we would have had this experience quite the same if we hadn't read that story this week. I just love it when you can see the things we're trying to teach our kids really make an impression!

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