Tuesday, 15 January 2008

We Get Our Way Again....

Well, we sort of get our way again.

Tonight was the School Council meeting at our school. The big item on the agenda was that someone from the board was going to attend to talk to us about putting another program into our school. The Chinese Mandarin program has apparently outgrown its school and needs a bigger home - and so the suggestion was made that they come to Highwood. We spread the word around and got a pretty good crowd. There were some there ready to fight to keep Highwood and welcomed another group there if that would help their cause. There were others who figured our program won't match the growth of the Mandarin program so just move us to King George now and get it over with. We were all ready for a big debate - and then the representative from CBE stood and said they've decided to put the program into King George school and they will work on designating new communities to Highwood so that our program grows.

Man!! We didn't even have to have a big debate! I'm starting to believe that when CBE says they listen to parent feedback, that they really do! Imagine?!!

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