Thursday, 17 January 2008


We felt like we were right in style this month with this book selection. White Out is by Ken Follett. Oprah also chose one of his books for her book club this month, as did Charles Adler!

I have read a few of Ken Follett's books and have really enjoyed them. I can remember where I was reading the others I've read because they were so gripping I couldn't go do anything else until I got through the book! For one of the books we were in Arizona. For another one I read we were in Banff. Don't pick up a Ken Follett book is you feel like you should be spending some time on sightseeing while you're on a vacation. You can't sightsee and get through the book at the same time.

While I did enjoy this book, I didn't think it was quite as gripping as the others I've read. I think this book would make a great movie. It's about a robbery that takes place at research company. The kicker is that the person who sets up the heist is the son of the man that owns the company. The family is together for Christmas while the son pulls off (and foils up)the heist. The family is an interesting group of dysfunctional people that have mostly remained true to each other (well, they stick together even though they're NOT true to each other). Ken Follett does a great job of telling the story from all the perspectives of the people in the book and has a way of ending the chapters at crucial moments so that you cannot put the book down.

I'd recommend this well as any others by Ken Follett. I think I'm going to read Pillars of the Earth again and then read the sequel that he just put out: World Without End.

We had a great discussion about this book tonight. I just love book club. I love reading books. I love discussing books. And I love the women in my book club that come over and discuss the books with me!

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