Thursday, 5 June 2008

End of Year Visit Part Deux

Well, we did it. We had our end of year visit. It was pleasantly pain-free.

I've been so impressed with the CBE approach to homeschooling. If ever a parent said they didn't like this or that or if something wasn't working for them the answer was, "How can we make it work better." The classes Jill went to were amazing. I don't think she's ever learned as much in Science and Social Studies as she did this year. Funny thing was when we started off she really didn't want to do the Ab Ed topics for Science and Social Studies - but when we decided to do their blended program all that went by the way-side - and I have never seen her as interested in Science and Social Studies as she was. Jill really loved their project-based approach. The teachers were all terrific.....very kind and encouraging and I found it all very inspiring.

So why aren't we doing it again next year.....sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't be.

All I know is that if my kids want to homeschool ever again I'll be happy to have them do so.

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