Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Extraordinary Adventure of Ordinary Basil

Tonight Peirce and I finished reading The Extraordinary Adventure of Ordinary Basil (By Wiley Miller)

Basil is a boy that lives in a lighthouse in Maine. He thinks his life is oh so dull....and wishes for an adventure. His wish comes true when a flying boat arrives outside his window and he jumps aboard.

It was a kick to read this book with Peirce. When we first started the book he spent a lot of time moaning about what an ordinary life he has....just like Basil does in the book. I remember well Don and Anne Green telling us that when you read to children they live the stories....sometimes they have to get up and act it out quickly, or they'll do it right where they're sitting. Peirce appears to weave things from the book into his every day life. (It makes me want to go back and read their books again!)

This book is 127 pages and it is full of amazing pictures. The print is quite big and it reads quite quickly. (As a matter of fact, tonight Peirce said to me, "You know why I like this book? Because the words are nice and big"....meaning the font is big rather than having a ton of words squished on one page....the funny thing about it was this was a repeat of a conversation Jill had with Peirce today. She is reading a Nancy Drew book and she was telling us why the book is so great...and one of the things was that the front is nice and big). I was a little worried that the vocabulary would be a little too tricky - but Peirce didn't seem bothered by it. It was a great experience to read this book together!

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