Tuesday, 3 June 2008

End of Year Visit

It's almost time for our end of year homeschooling visit. We were supposed to have a visit early in the year - but for some reason that didn't happen. I figured it's their responsibility, if they don't do it I wasn't going to worry about it. When the teacher called to set up our end of year visit I said a silent, "oh rats!" and used my cheerful voice while setting up an appointment with her.

Then I sat and worried.

We could have done so much more.
What if she says we didn't do well enough.
What if the approach I took was, well, wrong.
What if, what if, what if....

Then I said to myself, 'what are they going to do, fail me?'

(Notice this is all about ME and not about the student!)

Finally yesterday I sat down with all the charts we kept each week and had a look at what we'd done. Then I read through the curriculum really really carefully again. Then I went through the checklist made from the curriculum outline....and I sat back and said, "Man, if we can get it all done with such little effort and time....what the heck do they do in school all day?!"

I'll probably still fret about this a little more until Thursday even though I figure we've done just fine.....why? I don't know.

Maybe I need counselling.

Then again, maybe that's what these home visits are about!


Kim Hawryluk said...

Funny how we're always so hard on ourselves, but I can tell you've done a great job from afar (reading your posts!), so don't worry, I'm sure you'll get an A+, as will Jill. :)

Dawn said...

Thanks Kim! :0)