Sunday, 15 June 2008

Little Rat Makes Music

I'm not a fan of early reader chapter books. I find the content is usually too thin. However, I liked the message of this book and decided maybe Peirce would enjoy it too. Little Rat loves music. His parents take him to fancy concerts and to folk-music concerts at the community hall. I loved how the author described the music and its mezmorizing effects on Little Rat. Little Rat decides to start taking violin lessons. He's very excited about it - until the monotony of daily practising gets to him. Little Rat's wise teacher pairs her up with Kitty, someone Little Rat really looks up to. They learn a duet and perform together at a recital and Little Rat is thrilled with the beautiful music she makes.After reading the book I have a renewed desire to get back on the band-wagon with teaching piano to my kids. Maybe we'll have a summer of music and reading!

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