Thursday, 30 October 2008

Parvanna's Journey and Mud City (By Deborah Ellis)

Well, I read The Breadwinner and learned that there were two more books with the same characters by Deborah Ellis. I went to the library and got Parvanna's Journey and read it that day...then went to the library the next day and got Mud City and read that one that day.

I was so inspired by these books that I changed plans for my book club and am getting everyone to read The Breadwinner for this month. I hope they'll read these two books too.

All the books in this series are written in a way that makes you continue on and have to read more....lots of Cliffhangers. The Breadwinner ends off with Parvanna and her Father planning to leave to go find her mother and siblings. When Parvanna's Journey starts off they're buying her father and she's now alone....again. I couldn't believe it! The things this girl goes through are just amazing. It really gave me a new perspective on what it must be like to be an orphan in a war-torn country. She ends up collecting a few other orphan friends along the way. The story of their journey is amazing and kept me reading.

Mud City is more the story of Parvanna's friend, Shauzia. Shauzia is like most young girls - she has a lot of dreams and goals, only she's stopped along the way by the simple and sad facts of war. The story starts out in a refugee camp where the conditions are less than deplorable. She eventually decides to venture out on her own and look after herself. This doesn't go so well and she actually ends up in prison. She is then taken in by an American family who lives in Afghanistan in amazing comfort and wealth in parison to the people around them. However, it doesn't last too long, sadly enough.

These stories made my heart ache for the children that suffer in war. Something really must be done....but what can someone like me do?
One thing is I'm going to read these books with my kids!

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