Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Blast From the Past

When I was in Grade Six I would get on the bus on Saturdays and head off to Lloyd's Rollerrink - a familiar Calgary hang out. Today Jill got invited to a birthday party there. We went and since it is on the other end of town decided to stay down there to pick her up. Well, when Peirce saw the fun going on he wanted to stay. They loved it!! Lots of loud music, lots of exercise, and plenty of junk food to buy. What more could a kid want! By the end of the day Peirce was so tired! And if you ask me nothing is better than a really worn out kid.
I think we'll try that gig again!


JA Crew said...

that place is still around?? i used to LOVE going there. how fun!

Kim Siever said...

I wish there were a roller rink in Lethbridge. I went often to the ones in Regina as a teenager.