Friday, 13 March 2009

Do You Believe???

Today is Friday the 13th. Did you have any bad luck? I did!

It all started when I went to walk with my kids to the bus stop. Our garage door wouldn't open. So I tried it again and again and again....only to finally realize I really screwed up and now the door is hanging lopsided and won't move at all. Eeeek! Now our house looks really lovely with the garage door looking like its falling apart. Nice!

FYI: This isn't our garage door (just a picture I found somewhere on the net) but if gives you a general idea of how ours looked. Ours didn't look quite this bad...but almost!

We finally go out another way and get to the bus and all is well.

Next problem: I'm supposed to be volunteering at a casino today (not my favorite assignment...but here the casinos have to give 1/3 their profits to charities/non profit organizations - and our kid's swim club is on that list. In order to get the money you have to a day we make about $70,000....un-damn-believable if you ask me) ...Anyway, how am I supposed to get to the casino if I can't get my van out of the garage?? So I get Allen to come and drive me to the casino. I get there right on time at 10 am only to wait and wait and wait. No one else from the swim club is there. Do I have the right casino? Oh no! I panicked for a while and tried to make a few calls to other people in the swim club. Of course, no one is answering their phones....finally I said, this has to be the right place. The guy at the door said I was early - so I decided I'd just wait. Turned out I was a full hour early. I sure could have used an extra hour this morning to do a few things....but oh well. Then around 11:15 all the volunteers start arriving and we visit like swim parents like to do while they wait around (we do a lot of waiting around!)

Soon the casino lady comes along to tell us what our assignments are. My name isn't on the list. What?! I don't have to be here?! But one person hasn't shown up so she asks me to wait to see if that person shows up. In the end that person did show up so around noon I was able to go home.

Only problem.....I don't have a vehicle there. While I'm trying to call Allen again another parent shows up, clearly stressed. His car died on the way there, he called a friend, and got him to give him a ride to the casino - only to get there and find out he's in the same boat as me. His name isn't on the list either and he doesn't have to be there. So now there's two of us there that don't have vehicles to get home. ARGH!!!

We made a series of phone calls. Neither of us could find out spouses or get a hold of the other people we tried. So we decided, well, let's go have lunch!! (They feed all the volunteers on their days at the casino) Just as we're about to go have lunch my husband shows up and drives us both home. So, no free lunch either.


We got someone to come over and look at our garage. He said a wire snapped and lucky us, he has one in his garage we can use. GREAT!! Only he went to get it and hasn't come back. So now its time to take my daughter to swim club and I still can't get my van out of the garage. Finally my husband comes home again and takes her to the pool.


Things can only get better, right?!! Today made me think back to that crazy week we had last Spring break. Wait a minute...that was just about this same time last year when we had bad luck on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!!!! Now we have our Friday, I guess.

ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Next March I'm going to just stay in bed.

UPDATE: Our friend did come over after dinner tonight and got our garage door working lickety split! We're so glad we called him. He said his neighbor had a similar problem. The neighbor's wife said, "You should call Brent." But the neighbor figured he could fix it. Brent said by the end of the day the garage door was broken in pieces and unrepairable - so he was glad we called him. We're sure glad too!!! YEA Brent!! if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go open the garage door again....just because I can!

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McQueen Family said...

Oh Dawn....hopefully it can only get better from here!