Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Seven

1. I'm grateful for friends!! My husband isn't particularly handy. Truthfully, I think he COULD be handy - but he hates doing stuff like that. I'm so glad we have a few good friends who are handy with fixing things!! This week I was especially grateful for Brent fixing our garage door!

2. I'm grateful for Allen! He's doing our taxes. I hate doing taxes. I could learn to do taxes - but its kind of the same as Allen and fixing things. It's better if someone else does it. Doing taxes just wrecks my day. Wrecks my week! I'm grateful Allen is willing to do our taxes.

3. My dad! He has a minor surgery procedure done this week on his nose! He had a polyp growing in there and they took it out. I'm glad he came through it all just fine and is recovering well!

4. Communication! I had the funniest thing happen this week. Uncle Jon called and said he'd heard on the radio in Lethbridge that Lester Ann Jensen had 8 minutes to call the radio station to win $10,000. WHAT?! I called every number I could find....still couldn't find her. I finally called Gaylene and she said to try dad's cell number (why would she answer dad's cell number?) I got the number from her (how did I not have that one?) and presto!! Mom answered!! So I quickly told her to call the radio station...and she did!! ....but it was too late.
WAAAHHHH!!!! After all that work I figured she'd at least have to split the money with me! :0) be continued.

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