Friday, 6 March 2009


Peirce is 'Special Person' next week in his classroom so this weekend he has a little booklet to do for homework: Moi, Je Suis Moi! He has to write down things like his hair color and eye color, address, phone number, draw pictures of his favorite food and a friend, and also his family. In his true style he got up first thing this morning to get it all done. He even woke up Jill so she could help him write the French words he needed. I loved his family picture he drew. He even included Destiny. I asked Jill later if she told him to draw her in the picture and she said that she hadn't but that Peirce wasn't sure he should put her in because he didn't want to make me cry. What a wonderful boy! Tonight I asked him about it and he said, "Well, she'll always be in our family mom."

You've got that right Peirce.
...and for the record, I didn't cry - but I sure felt my heart swell. :0)

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grandma said...

I love Peirce's family picture. What a wonderful little boy!!