Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Seven

1. Snow. I'm grateful for snow. I ought to be because we just keep getting it. If I keep saying it will I soon love it??? (sorry for the cynacism)

2. I'm thankful my kids get to go to school. They've been off all this week. (oops....leaning towards cynacism again)

3. I'm thankful for opportunities I have to get to know other moms. This week we went rollerskating and invited kids from school. I was chatting with one of the mom's and in our conversation it came out that she had a stillborn baby last year at 37 weeks. We didn't talk for too long- but it was clear that there was a deep understanding between the two of us. I left there feeling grateful for the opportunity I had to talk with her about her experience and share a little of mine.

4. I'm thankful we have a student staying with us! He is from Saudi Arabia and he's a really great guy!

5. I'm thankful for free movies!! One of the moms I've come to know at school invited us to go to a free movie Saturday hosted by a real estate agent she knows. We happened to run into a couple families from church as well. We sat with them and it was really hilarious sitting and listening to three little six year old boy's commentary on Monsters versus Aliens. Little boys are hilarious!

6. I'm thankful school will start again tomorrow.
7. I'm thankful school will start again tomorrow.

....oops...I'm repeating myself. It's been a long week! :0)

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