Saturday, 26 September 2009

Bento Lunch Boxes!

I often read a blog called Vegan Lunch Box. She posts pictures and descriptions of the lunches she makes her son each day. I set a goal this year to make really great lunches. I have found keeping a lunch "planning sheet" quite helpful. I really wanted to get some Bento Boxes like Jennifer McCann shows in her blog - but they seemed a little too expensive just for a lunch box. Well, today Allen called and said he was at Chapters and the Bento Boxes I'd been drooling over were on sale! They were still more than I've ever paid for a lunch box - but I'm so excited about them! Check them out!

Sunday is always a long day for Allen so I decided I'd make him a lunch to take with him in one of the new lunch boxes. I am going to love these lunch boxes! Green peppers and mushrooms, an apple, chicken salad, and pears as well as a water bottle.

Here's the lunch without the lids on.

A couple of the containers have lids......then it all closes up tight in the plastic box. There's also a water bottle that fits perfectly in the box, and a fork and spoon. I love it!

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