Friday, 25 September 2009


I have the greatest husband. Four three days (yesterday, today and tomorrow) I'm working on a really crazy project. It means I am stuck to my computer while answering phone calls and calling in red flags to the project manager in England non-stop. Quite an interesting and intense project - but so busy!! Yesterday was a long day but it was okay because the kids were in school. Today they were off though and I was quite worried about how I'd manage. Allen decided to take the afternoon to hang out with them at the new mall near us. What a relief that was! They had a great time and I could just take calls, check messages, call England, and do it again and again and again. And then like magic, at 4:00 when the project hours were finished my phone stopped ringing. It's been crazy...and I don't think I would have made it through today without Allen's help!!

Here are the pictures they emailed me.

Isn't modern technology amazing??! I can work at home. And the kids can keep me in touch with the fun they're having while I'm doing my work. Really quite unbelievable.

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